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Welcome 2017 with a Perfect Slim Body! Call today 5619691777Atlantis Golf Club, Lake Worth, Florida

Valid from January 10, 2017 to January 31, 2017
Welcome 2017 with a Perfect Slim Body! Call today 5619691777, Lake Worth, Florida

Welcome 2017 with a Perfect Slim Body! Are you ready to burn fat and see FAST results?  

DON’T WAIT – BURN FAT TODAY, Start a Weight Loss Program with Dr Trejo and get FREE Furnace Factor Fat Burner Pills during your treatment!! 

Sign Up or call 561-969-1777 for scheduling your Consultation. with Dr Rudy Trejo and start to Burn Fat Today 

Our Weight Loss program customizes, personalizes, individualizes and targets imbalances in the body to increase fat burning and decrease fat storage.

The results of our Program  will to find the root metabolic cause that keeps your body from burning fat. 

During the appointment with Dr Trejo, he will tell what is needed for each person to burn fat, creating a customized, personalized, and individualized Doctor supervised  program for you!

Our program is easy, fun, affordable and works for all body types and fitness goals.

How it works?

Buy your Furnace Factor Today(on line at or calling 561-969-1777) and you will get a complimentary nutritional guide to help you to lose all your extra pounds!. You can get in shape, increase energy, sleep better and improve your self-confidence today. Schedule your Consultation Now!

Call us today for more information or get your Furnace Factor. Call 561-969-1777 

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