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High Point’s Auto Repair Pros Explain 4 Common Transmission Services January 10, 2017

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High Point’s Auto Repair Pros Explain 4 Common Transmission Services, High Point, North Carolina

The transmission is one of the most complicated mechanical components of an automobile — and one of the most important. While wear and tear will inevitably affect the transmission of your vehicle over time, regular transmission service can keep this crucial part in working order and stave off more extensive auto repairs.

Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center in High Point, NC, is one of the Piedmont Triad’s most trusted auto repair shops. Below, they explain a few of the most common transmission services that may become necessary as part of a healthy car maintenance program.

4 Common Transmission Services

Fluid Check

The most basic — but perhaps most essential — transmission service is a simple fluid check. The system requires an adequate level of transmission fluid to operate effectively. The transmission fluid serves not only as a lubricant but also as a coolant and a conditioner for the gaskets. A low fluid level is a problem in its own right, but may also be an indicator of other serious issues like leaks or burning fluid.

Transmission Flush

Transmission serviceA transmission flush involves draining the existing transmission fluid, flushing out grime with additional fluid, and restoring the fluid to appropriate levels with fresh product. Many auto repair shops offer the option of inspecting the pan gasket and fluid filter during this process as well.

Replacing the Pan Gasket

One area where transmission fluid might leak is around the pan gasket, which seals the edges of the fluid pan. If transmission service reveals a leak or low fluid levels, the pan gasket may be the first place to check for potential problems.

Transmission Fluid Filter

A clogged or soiled fluid filter should also be addressed in any transmission service. The filter helps to reduce grime buildup in the transmission and prevent particulate matter from wearing down the system sooner.

Transmission services are an important aspect of regular car maintenance, so consult your owner’s manual or talk to Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center to see if you should schedule any of the above checks. Visit them online to find out more about their services, or call (336) 841-6553 to schedule an appointment!

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