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Top 3 Reasons Regular Car Maintenance Is Essential January 16, 2017

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Top 3 Reasons Regular Car Maintenance Is Essential, High Point, North Carolina

We use our vehicles on a daily basis, so why do we tend to get behind when it comes to regular car maintenance? Like any constant aspect of our lives, it's easy to slip into a relaxed routine, but staying on top of necessary auto services is an essential responsibility of car ownership.

Why is car maintenance so important in the first place? If nothing appears to be out of order, do you really need to take your vehicle into an auto body shop on a regular basis?

Top 3 Reasons for Regular Car Maintenance

image1. Ensure Your Engine Is Working Properly

Think of the engine as the heart of your car. One of the main purposes of regular checkups is seeing if your engine is working properly. For this and other parts, a visual inspection isn't going to cut it. A vehicle with engine problems is unsafe to drive and continuing to use it could cause further problems, so schedule full mechanical inspections according to your auto mechanic’s recommendations.

2. Check for Potential Brake Problems

Brakes are one of the many parts of your car you don't want to mess around with. Even simple problems, like low brake fluid levels, can lead to soft brake pedals, meaning it's worth having your brakes inspected on a regular basis. It's not just about functionality; it's about safety for you and everyone else on the road.

3. Get Ahead of Expensive Transmission Services

Skipping car maintenance is an easy way to set yourself up for more expensive repairs in the future. This is especially true for your car's transmission. Having it checked along with your engine will save you from being stuck on the side of the road with a hefty repair bill on the way. If your mechanic catches anything in the maintenance process, you can take care of it before further issues arise.


Now that you’ve taken all the potential problems into consideration, don’t delay on taking your vehicle for maintenance! Next time a checkup is on the horizon, head to Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center in High Point, NC, for the best auto services in the area. Call us at (336) 841-6553 to schedule an appointment, and visit our website for more information on our services today.

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