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Why Your Car Needs Regular Oil Changes January 10, 2017

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Why Your Car Needs Regular Oil Changes, Honolulu, Hawaii

Did you ever stop to wonder how many moving parts it takes to keep your car going, and how those parts withstand the pressure of constant use? It may surprise you to find out that the average automobile has over 200 moving parts in the engine alone, many of which are subject to extremely high temperatures. According to Priam’s Automotive Service & Repair, Inc. in Honolulu, HI, regular oil changes are one of the most important auto maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your car operating the way it should be.

oil changeAs your engine warms up and is put to use, your vehicle’s inner motor parts begin to rub against each other. As they do, they generate heat, which is absorbed by the engine oil. Without the engine oil, these parts would become too hot, too quickly. This would cause those important parts that keep your engine running to warp, and lock up, rendering the engine inoperable.

Over time, your engine oil will begin to break down, making it less effective at reducing friction and absorbing heat. In fact, as your parts start to wear down, they’ll leave behind tiny particles which build up in the oil,  which will only add to, and possibly even worsen, that every-day friction your engine experiences. The best way to ensure that your engine stays cool and well-lubricated is to get your oil changed on a regular basis.

How often you'll need an oil change depends on a variety of factors, such as the age of your car and your personal driving style. For example, if you tend to accelerate smoothly and stay within the speed limit when you’re on the road, you’ll likely be able to get away with longer periods between oil changes. In general, though, your car will need fresh oil either every 3,000 miles, or every three months, whichever is sooner.

The technicians at Priam’s Automotive Service & Repair, Inc. have years of experience and a reputation for providing top-notch service to every one of their customers. From oil changes to complete engine overhauls, they offer the range of services to take care of anything your car might need. Visit their website to learn more, call (808) 537-1919 with any questions, or just bring your car to the shop today.

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