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What Is a Salt-Pure Warm Indoor Pool? January 9, 2017

Penfield, Monroe
What Is a Salt-Pure Warm Indoor Pool?, Penfield, New York

Indoor swimming for exercise or fun is arguably much more enjoyable when you’re splashing in a saltwater pool. Salt-pure warm indoor pools offer a wonderful swimming experience ideal for low-impact workouts or loosening the muscles after a strenuous sweat session. If you are considering using a salt-pure warm indoor pool for exercise or want to sign up your little ones for kids’ swimming lessons, review what you need to know about these pools first.

How Salt-Pure Warm Indoor Pools Work

Salt-pure warm indoor pools feature chlorine generators, a type of mechanical device that uses electrolysis to break down salt into 100% chlorine. It will never run out, so there’s no need to keep heading to the pool supply store to buy traditional chlorine, thus saving you money. Regular chlorine, on the other hand, comes from a container, must be stabilized for transport, and has a short lifespan. It is also not really 100% chlorine.

Chemistry Controllers

warm indoor poolSalt-pure warm indoor pools come with chemistry controllers that automate the chlorine water-testing process. They adjust chlorine levels based on pre-programmed set points. Chemistry controllers reduce pool maintenance and increase water quality via constant adjustments and corrections. They also provide automatic data logging and monitor the pool 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits Of Salt-Pure Warm Indoor Pools

You’ll enjoy a significant reduction in eye and skin irritation when you swim in salt-pure warm indoor pools. Additionally, salt-pure warm indoor pools can prevent issues related to poor air quality. This type of warm indoor pool does not feature that familiar, overwhelming chlorine odor. Thus, the air quality subsequently improves because you are not breathing in as many chemicals that cause lung irritation.

Enjoy exercising in the salt-pure warm indoor pool at Penfield Sport & Fitness. The premier health club has proudly served Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas for over 38 years. Contact them to learn more about their salt-pure warm indoor pool, adult and kids’ swimming lessons, gym memberships, and more. Call (585) 586-7777 or visit their website today for information. 

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