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3 Reasons to Patronize Your Local Bar January 3, 2017

Foley, Baldwin
3 Reasons to Patronize Your Local Bar, Foley, Alabama

If you live near Foley, AL, and you’re bored of going to the same bars and restaurants every weekend with your friends, why not start mixing it up? Check out The Office Lounge the next time you want to listen to live music, watch a football game, or play a friendly round of cornhole at a locally owned bar.

Here are three reasons to patronize your local bar: 

1. Supports The Local Economy

When you visit a local bar as opposed to a huge corporate chain, you are supporting small business owners, which in turn, supports the local economy and helps it flourish. And when your local economy flourishes, it’s easier for you to do well financially too.

2. Promises Great Service

barAlthough small businesses operate with a focus on profits, it’s not all about the bottom line for your favorite local bars and restaurants; it’s about building relationships. Corporate chains, on the other hand, expect to see growth every single quarter. To achieve this growth, bartenders and waiters must serve customers as quickly as possible to ensure a high turnover rate. When your bartender is rushed and frazzled, however, you rarely receive quality service or even what you ordered. At The Office Lounge, every customer can expect quality service every time.

3. Contributes To The Community

Local bars and restaurants give your town its unique flavor, and when they do something right, people are inclined to visit from miles around. For example, The Office Lounge offers a huge variety of tailgating and bar games for patrons to play. You can ensure people keep traveling to your town by stopping by often and giving them your business.

If you and your friends are looking for a new bar in Foley, AL, check out The Office Lounge. Visit the website to learn more about the games they offer, and call (251) 943-2210 if you have any questions about the menu or the hours of operation. 

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