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3 Common Defense Strategies, Explained by Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys January 4, 2017

Flatwoods, Flatwoods-Russell
3 Common Defense Strategies, Explained by Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky

The criminal justice system allows every defendant the right to defend themselves against allegations in a court of law. While some charges can be defended in specific ways, such as challenging the stop in a DUI case, there are several strategies that are open to defendants in almost any situation.

As the respected legal professionals at Hensley Law Office in Flatwoods, KY, explains, your criminal defense attorney may choose to argue:

  • An Affirmative Defense: Some legal strategies, like having an alibi or a witness dispute the prosecution's version of events, require that your defense attorney produce new evidence not included in the original case. While an affirmative defense may not be appropriate for every situation, they can be extremely effective if the correct evidence is gathered and submitted properly.
  • criminal defense attorneyAn Insanity Defense: This strategy only applies when the defendant suffered from a serious mental condition at the time of the crime which rendered them unable to tell right from wrong. A successful insanity defense typically requires the testimony of expert witnesses and the submission of medical records, along with the expertise of a skilled criminal defense attorney.
  • Coercion & Duress: If someone else forces you to commit a crime, under the threat of unlawful force, you may be able to use that coercion as a defense. It's important to note that the violence does not have to actually take place, and you don't have to be the target. However, if your own recklessness put you in a position to be threatened, this strategy will not be available to you.

No matter what type of charges you're facing, the criminal defense attorneys at Hensley Law Office have the expertise and resources to provide aggressive representation tailored to the unique factors of your case. Visit their website to learn more now, or schedule your consultation today by calling (606) 836-3117.

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