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Need Windshield Repair? 3 Tips for Dealing With Cracked Auto Glass in the Winter January 18, 2017

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Need Windshield Repair? 3 Tips for Dealing With Cracked Auto Glass in the Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio

Now that winter is here, the drop in temperature could cause your vehicle’s windshield to crack. If this happens, it’s important to moderate the damage before you have the chance to take it to an auto glass repair professional—otherwise the crack could spread. Serving the residents of Cincinnati, OH, the glass experts at GlassPro, Inc. offer trustworthy and affordable windshield repair and auto glass replacement services to keep you safe on the road this winter.

Here, they share several tips you need to follow before bringing your car in for windshield repair:

  • Park Your Car Under Shade: Parking your car under a shaded area, such as a tree or a carport, will help prevent the crack on your windshield from growing. If you park outside, snow and ice can cause the crack to get bigger. Reduce the exposure to the elements by keeping your car indoors whenever possible.
  • windshield repairAvoid Extreme Changes In Temperature: Exposing your cracked windshield to extreme changes in temperature can cause the damage to spread or the glass to shatter. You should also be careful using the heater and the defroster, as those blasts of heat can also make the crack in the glass worse.  
  • Prevent The Crack From Getting Bigger: While you still need to bring your car in for professional windshield repair, there are ways to prevent it from getting bigger. If the crack is small, use super glue or nail polish inside and outside the crack to hold the glass together. Remember, these are only temporary solutions, and you still need an expert fix.

If you have a cracked windshield and you need emergency windshield repair or replacement services, look no further than the experts at GlassPro, Inc. in Cincinnati. Call (513) 874-6559 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn more about their range of custom glass repair services.

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