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5 Urgent Signs You May Need a Root Canal for Toothache Relief January 3, 2017

Sacramento, Sacramento County
5 Urgent Signs You May Need a Root Canal for Toothache Relief, Sacramento, California

If you wince because of mouth pain every time you take a bite of food, you may be experiencing an early sign of tooth damage. A root canal procedure will not only provide relief but save affected teeth. The dentist office of Ronald L. Rasmussen DDS in Sacramento, CA, has perfected the process, using state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with amazing results in a comfortable setting. They will help you determine if a root canal is the best method of treatment for your toothache.

5 Signs You Need A Root Canal Procedure

Tooth Sensitivity

After drinking a hot or cold beverage, you may feel lingering sensitivity in your teeth due to the liquid’s temperature. The discomfort can range from a dull ache to acute pain.  

Swollen Gums

Tender or swollen gums might indicate tooth or root damage. The affected areas of your gums will feel especially sensitive when touched.

Severe Pain

Sacramento-CA-root-canalIf you feel considerable pain around particular teeth and the surrounding gum while eating or chewing, it could indicate tooth damage that requires a root canal.

Tooth Discoloration

If a tooth turns a dark color, the root may be damaged. Pay attention to any changes in the color of your teeth and gums.

Pimples On The Gums

A pimple near the affected area of your gum is an indication of a tooth infection. It typically will be located right on the gum and feel painful when touched.

Whether you need a root canal to treat a toothache or want teeth whitening or another cosmetic dentistry service, Ronald L. Rasmussen DDS is a reliable source of high-quality dental care. Their friendly and compassionate team treats patients of all ages with a variety of services, from braces to dentures. To schedule an appointment, call (916) 689-1100. Visit their website for more information about the practice.

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