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How Often Should You See an OB-GYN? December 29, 2016

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How Often Should You See an OB-GYN?, Ashland, Kentucky

We’ve all heard that regular OB-GYN visits are important for your health—but how often is “regular,” exactly? As it turns out, the frequency with which you should visit your women’s health clinic depends on your personal health and circumstances. Here, PrimaryPlus in Ashland, KY, offers some words of wisdom for women craving a rule of thumb.

As a baseline, experts suggest seeing a gynecologist once a year. Regular pelvic exams are essential to maintaining your gynecological health at any age. Your OB-GYN will likely conduct a pap smear at your appointment depending on your age and the date of your most recent test. Younger women should receive them annually, but women over the age of 30 only need to schedule one every two years.


During pregnancy, OB-GYN visits should be scheduled more frequently. Your obstetrician will want to examine you and the baby on a regular basis to ensure the both of you are healthy. During the first two trimesters, visit your OB-GYN once a month. Later in the pregnancy, you may be seen every two weeks or even every week up until the birth—it’s all up to your doctor. You’ll also need to attend follow-up appointments after the birth to monitor your recovery.

Of course, if you have health concerns that require regular upkeep or if new and unusual symptoms pop up, schedule an appointment even if it’s been less than a year. Menstrual irregularities, pelvic pain, sexually transmitted diseases, or signs of cancer should always be checked out sooner rather than later. If your pap smears show signs of irregularity, your OB-GYN may also request that you visit more often.

Is it time for your next checkup? Call (606) 324-0128 today to schedule an OB-GYN appointment at PrimaryPlus so you can remain on the road to good health. For more information about their women’s health services, visit the website

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