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To Much On Your Plate? December 19, 2016

To Much On Your Plate?, Wagoner, Oklahoma

As I began my morning routine spending time with God I began to question certain areas of my life. One area being my family’s financial prosperity with Christmas just less than a week away and finances tight I added on my list for God to please bless our finances. As time goes by for some reason it seems to get harder and harder to save or even make ends meet and that’s without having to buy all the Christmas gifts. How stressful I thought it can be and many would say well don’t buy what you can’t afford which is absolutely true but see even when Christmas isn’t here the financial struggle still seems to be knocking on our doors. And the truth is we all need to eat but are we buying more than what God intends for us to spend on food. So as I finished up my morning and was preparing for work just getting ready to head out the door, I grabbed a jar of almond butter that I just purchased last week. I opened up the jar and realized that it was almost already gone. Not only was I perturbed but I knew that God was giving me a revelation on why it’s very possible that our financial blessings were at a hold.  See that jar of almond butter costs almost five dollars and if I bought a jar each week of the month I would be spending at least twenty dollars just on almond butter. That’s just minor compared to what some of us spend on our caffeine addictions or even sugar addictions. Now here’s the good part that we all need to get a hold of. See if you have a horse, a couple of goats and pigs you are not going to over feed them are you? No. Why? Because you would have an outrageous feed bill and a bunch of overweight animals that ultimately will not be able to produce the work that they are designed to do. See we are the same way, if we are going around grazing all day on foods that God does not approve of for our bodies not only are we destroying our temples in which God wants to flow out of but we are also wastefully spending God’s money. See if you want to be blessed financially you have to be willing to not only surrender to God but also allow God to teach you what doesn’t belong in your life. When I was seventeen I became addicted to meth which caused many areas of my life to spiral out of control and you know I remember the times that I had absolutely no money and could only afford the cheapest package of bologna and bread. I would come home and find my electricity turned off and would be sitting in the cold and dark but you know because of my lifestyle, my addiction and disobedience to God is what put me in that dark place. So the question is this… How much is your feed bill and how much does God really want you spending on food either in the store or at restaurants? This matters to God because He gives us all a certain amount of money to be able to take care of ourselves and to be a blessing to others around us.  I don’t know about you but I refuse to allow Satan to keep deceiving me so that I’m not able to be a blessing to others. Let’s stand up and start taking care of our bodies for our Heavenly Father and allow the fruits of our labor to flow.

Written By: Anita J. Shipman

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