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Reasons to Always Hire a Licensed Septic Cleaning Company December 28, 2016

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Reasons to Always Hire a Licensed Septic Cleaning Company , North Whitfield, Georgia

Scheduling regular septic inspections is crucial if you want to avoid sewage backup or expensive tank repairs. To protect your property from damage and prevent possible exposure to raw sewage, A Drain Doctor Plumbing in Dalton, GA, recommends contacting a licensed septic cleaning company to inspect your tank and empty it out if needed. This is especially the case for commercial, industrial, or municipal property, as you could be placing your clients, customers, or staff in danger.

Here’s why you should only hire a licensed septic cleaning company to complete inspections, repairs, and pumping:

  • septic cleaningExpertise: Cleaning out a septic tank is dirty work. If you don’t have the proper equipment or the necessary skills to inspect, repair, and empty it out, you could risk damaging your septic system and allow untreated sewage to leak onto your property. The licensed septic cleaning specialists at A Drain Doctor Plumbing have completed work on residential, commercial, and industrial sites, so they know exactly how to get the job done right without putting building occupants in danger.
  • Equipment: The septic cleaning industry has changed significantly over the years. As new pieces of equipment and methods have been developed, companies have updated their approach to completing the work to meet industry standards and maximize efficiency.
  • Experience: Septic systems are not the same on every piece of property. Properly licensed technicians have undergone intensive training to gain the necessary knowledge to execute septic installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

Don’t wait until your toilets and sinks back up to get a septic cleaning. Schedule yours today by calling A Drain Doctor Plumbing at (706) 694-6466. Visit them online to learn more about their vast array of plumbing services.

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