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Recognizing Depression: 5 Signs You Are Suffering December 20, 2016

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Recognizing Depression: 5 Signs You Are Suffering, Elyria, Ohio

Depression affects everyone differently, and the most effective treatment for one person may not work as well for someone else. According to the American Psychological Association, many people find relief by working with a licensed mental health professional. If you think you are suffering from depression, you can find reliable help at Psych & Psych Services in Elyria, OH.

5 Symptoms Of Depression

1. Helplessness

Although everyone feels helpless once in a while, if you consistently feel powerless to change your situation and believe that nothing will ever improve, you may be suffering from depression.

2. Loss Of Interest

depressionOne of the most common symptoms of depression is a loss of interest in your regular activities, including things you once loved doing. If you don’t even feel like the activities you are most passionate about can offer you joy, consider discussing these emotions with a psychologist.

3. Changes In Sleep Patterns

If you suddenly experience changes in your sleep habits for no apparent reason, you might be suffering from depression. Both insomnia and oversleeping can signify the disorder.

4. Lack Of Energy

Fatigue and sluggishness are common symptoms of depression. Even small tasks may feel overwhelming at times because of a total lack of energy and a general feeling of heaviness.

5. Reckless Behavior

If you are feeling more compulsive than usual and are suddenly taking part in risky activities, depression might be the underlying cause. Substance abuse, unsafe sex, reckless driving, and compulsive gambling are all examples of such behaviors.

Depression can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but most people experience at least a few of the symptoms listed above. If you think you might be suffering from depression, turn to Psych & Psych Services in Elyria, OH. Visit their website to learn more about the conditions they can treat with therapy, and call (440) 323-5121 to make an appointment today.

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