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Make Your Home Fun & Educational Just Like Summer Camp! December 8, 2016

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Make Your Home Fun & Educational Just Like Summer Camp!, San Jose, California

You don't have to spend a lot of money on camp if you make your home and summer trips super fun and educational! Here are some ways to do just that. Tie your family’s outings or at-home activities to either a book and/or a passion that your child has. At home, that could be a summer garden, in which case pick flowers or vegetables that grow quickly so they can see their progress. If they’re artistic, they can draw, paint, photograph, create and/or study the art of flower arranging, make a video with narration or write a story or journal about their gardening experience. If they’re scientific and if need be, you can borrow science experiment books from the library and they can do experiments, hypothesizing, then observing, recording and predicting! If they love games, they can create their own garden game.

Another home camp idea is using the kitchen as a center for fun, learning and tasty treats! Baking is relatively safe, fun, and gives children a chance to practice their math and measurement skills. You can also make it a scientific exercise by having them answer why and how bread rises or they can create a project on their favorite fruits and vegetables. The possibilities are endless! On trips, you can visit museums, historical sites or areas especially exciting and relevant to your child’s passions and interests.

If there are any books involved in these summertime activities, try to read the books together as a family as the family that reads together has summer fun together! You may also ask your Study Wizards reading tutor for a list of popular books appropriate to your children’s reading level yet still challenging enough to improve their reading comprehension skills. And speaking of tutors, you may also want to have a math tutor or science tutor help improve your child’s skills to prepare them for the academic challenges ahead. At Study Wizards Tutoring, we pride ourselves on providing top notch private in-home tutors in math, English, Spanish, science and test prep to students of any age. Visit to learn more, or give us a call at (408) 713-2984 for a free consultation. For other fun, summer educational ideas visit or

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