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Top 3 Pre-Holiday Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips December 9, 2016

Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach County
Top 3 Pre-Holiday Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips, Virginia Beach, Virginia

As the end of the year approaches, your restaurant will likely be inundated with holiday revelers, corporate parties, and Christmas shoppers looking to rest their feet. This makes it more crucial than ever for you to proactively perform all necessary maintenance on your restaurant equipment. 

Below are three essential restaurant equipment maintenance tips to keep your equipment running smoothly during the busy holiday season:  

Make Daily Cleaning A Priority

It’s imperative to clean all of your restaurant equipment thoroughly every day. This prevents the buildup of food scraps, dirt, and other debris that can cause equipment damage, compromising the health and safety of your customers. Additionally, failure to keep your equipment clean violates food safety codes, and this could put your entire business at risk.

Perform A Self-Inspection

restaurant equipmentIt’s important to inspect your restaurant equipment weekly or monthly to make sure all moving parts are operational, utility connections are sound, and components are not worn, tearing, or leaking. This becomes even more crucial during the holidays. Catching minor problems early can save you costly repairs and equipment faults during the rush. Moreover, it’s a good idea to schedule inspections and restaurant equipment maintenance with a reputable appliance repair service at this time.

Change Water Filter

One simple and inexpensive maintenance task that provides big returns is to change the filter on your water supply before the holiday rush. If your water and ice cubes smell or taste bad, it can turn off customers who are discovering you for the first time. Make sure they have a pleasant dining experience, and they will probably return throughout the New Year.

Tech-24, the premier kitchen appliance repair service in Raleigh, NC, has been serving Wake County businesses since 1982, providing the highest caliber maintenance and customer care in the region. Visit the company online for contact and location details, or call (919) 205-4419 to speak with a friendly professional about your restaurant equipment repair needs.

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