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Looking For Impressive Lighting Solutions? November 22, 2016

Tipp City, Miami
Looking For Impressive Lighting Solutions?, Tipp City, Ohio

One of the many services that we provide at LeVeck Lighting Products, Inc. it energy efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits. What is retrofit, you ask? Good question!

Lighting technology has really developed over the years. More recently, with the emphasis on energy efficiency and lessening our carbon footprints, more and more companies and individuals alike are investing in relighting, or retrofitting their old lighting fixtures. Not only because it saves money, but new technology has improved the lighting output and temperature of light thus emitting less heat and saving energy.

LeVeck Lighting Products has facilitated many large projects such as a whole school districts retrofitting all of their school buildings, large chain car dealerships relamping their parking lot lighting, to smaller projects in local businesses that were involved in the Dayton Bring Your Green Challenge 2016.

We are often asked “Why?” What are the benefits vs. the drawbacks? The benefits far offset the drawbacks, but let’s take a closer look.

Here are some important advantages:

  • Safety. Improved lighting improves security.
  • Quick return on investment. We have had customers report a noticeable savings within three months of project completion.
  • LED’s produce less heat. Hot lights will make your air-conditioning work harder!
  • LED’s produce less light pollution or excessive and inappropriate artificial light.
  • Up to 70% energy savings which equals a lower energy bill.
  • Long Lasting Bulbs-which require lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Rebate and incentive programs. Monetary rewards for making good choices!

There is really only one disadvantage; the initial upfront costs. These costs have a large variety of ranges. But no matter how big or small your project is, retrofitting will reduce your energy usage and will create long term savings.

As the world grows more cognizant of the need to take care of our environment, the government is offering many programs to help make being green more affordable. LeVeck Lighting Products, Inc. has partnered with energy companies to find the best options for incentives and rebates to help ease the cost. In some cases the projects have been paid almost completely in full. This may vary depending on your energy company and the project itself, but we are happy to assist with that element of your project. We provide full onsite energy audits and analysis.

The benefit of LeVeck Lighting Products and Maintenance also includes a one stop shop. Whether you are planning to install the project yourself, or have a professional (that would be us) do the installation, we are one of the MidWest’s most trusted lighting solutions advisor. We can provide you with a solution as well as the products. Like, maybe you just can’t part with the warm yellow glow that your incandescent bulbs give off…Do not fear! We carry a wide assortment of LED”s in a variety of color temperatures. Choose between cool white, warm white or neutral white.

If you are interested in better looking lighting (even impressive) and lower energy bills, give us a call today. We can answer your questions and research the best incentive to fit your project.

Call LeVeck Lighting Products, Inc. today to get started on a more efficient, beautiful and bright lighting future! 1-800-824-3615 or visit us at www.leveck.com

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