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3 Steps to Prep Your Sprinkler System for Winter November 29, 2016

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3 Steps to Prep Your Sprinkler System for Winter, Chalco, Nebraska

Winter is fast approaching, and if you have a sprinkler system on your property, there are certain steps you can take to protect it during the colder months. This is also an excellent time of year to get in touch with the lawn irrigation team that handled your sprinkler installation, as they may have some tips to keep it from freezing during the winter. As the cold weather moves in, take the following three steps to avoid the need for costly repairs.

3 Ways To Winterize A Sprinkler System

1. Shut Off The Water Supply

Before temperatures hit the freezing point, shut off the water supply to your lawn irrigation system by way of the main valve. Over the course of the winter, keep this valve wrapped in insulation. To be extra careful, inspect your property and insulate any above-ground piping involved in your irrigation system.

2. Drain The Pipes With Help From A Professional

sprinkler systemYour next concern is draining your pipes. While there are many ways to do this, all of them involve potential safety risks. To prevent personal harm or property damage, get in touch with sprinkler system professionals in your area to drain your pipes for you.

3. Shut Off The Controller

Even if your sprinkler system runs automatically, you’ll still have a controller with an “off” or “rain mode” setting. Switching it to one of these settings will cut off the signal between the controller and sprinkler valves and prevent you from reprogramming it come spring. Without completing this step, your sprinklers will turn on in the winter with no water supply and overheat.

Don’t let the winter weather ruin your irrigation system. Take steps to winterize it now and protect your investment in the long run.

Need to schedule sprinkler system maintenance, repair, or installation in the Omaha, NE, area? Get in touch with the team at USA Hoich Irrigation for prompt service and lasting results. Contact them online, or call (402) 896-5899 today.

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