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5 Easy Tips for Plastic Recycling, From Hawaii's Industry Leader November 23, 2016

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
5 Easy Tips for Plastic Recycling, From Hawaii's Industry Leader, Ewa, Hawaii

Most people recognize the importance of recycling, and Island Recycling, Inc. in Kapolei, HI, has seen the many benefits of their efforts. Recycling conserves our planet’s resources, reduces waste, saves energy, and even creates jobs. Plastic is one of the top recyclable materials, and Island Recycling, Inc. advises you to check with your local facility to find out the varieties they accept.

5 Easy Plastic Recycling Habits

Contain It

Plastic bottles are always recyclable, and many communities now are accepting yogurt cups, sour cream tubs, and other plastic containers. Check with your local recycling center to see if you can put these in the bin instead of the trash can.

Put A Lid On It

Many plastic recyclers will accept your lids and bottle caps. Though they’re made with a different process than other plastics, they still can be recycled. Put the lid on your empty soft drink, milk, and water bottles.

Bag It

Dry cleaning bags, plastic water bottle labels, and even plastic bread bags often are recyclable. You might want to keep these film types of plastic separate from others, since they require different sorting and processing.

Make It A Family Affair

Kapolei-HI-recyclingThe sooner children are aware of our responsibility to our planet, the sooner they will become part of the solution. Educate them and let them help with the bins and your family’s sorting efforts.

Start At Home

Make recycling easy in your home. Have smaller bins upstairs and in the kitchen and a larger one in the garage to collect everything.

Whether it’s plastic, scrap metal, or paper, recycling is an important element of everyday living. For more information about the practice on Oahu, call Island Recycling Inc. at (808) 682-9200. Visit their website to find a nearby location and the products they accept.

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