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5 Questions to Ask Before Performing Water Well Drilling November 30, 2016

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5 Questions to Ask Before Performing Water Well Drilling, Elko, Nevada

For those not located near a central water system, you’ll likely need to get your water supply from a well on your property. Fertig Drilling Co. in Elko, NV, knows that well installation services can be quite an investment, which is why it’s essential to ensure you have all the facts before beginning any water well drilling work. If you’re planning on drilling a water well on your property, here are five questions to ask your well drilling company before the work commences.

5 Water Well Drilling Questions

What Drilling Technique Will You Use?

There are several types of well drilling techniques, but the two most common are cable tool drilling and rotary drilling. Depending on the proposed depth of your well and your soil type, one may be more preferable than the other.

Do You Need Any Specific Well Drilling Permits?

To drill a well on your property, you need to undergo an inspection of your proposed plan. You must ensure the well will be located the proper distance away from any septic tanks.

How Much Water Will I Be Able To Draw?

water-well-drillingHow much water you’ll be able to draw from the well will depend upon its depth, as well as the amount of water in it. Ask the professionals what size of you well you need to ensure you have enough water supply to cover all of your property’s daily water needs.

What Type Of Pump Should I Use?

The two most popular types of well pumps are submersible pumps, which are submerged underwater inside your well, and jet pumps. Jet pumps use a motor to draw water from your well and can be noisy. Ultimately, the right pump for you will depend upon the depth of your well, as well as your personal preferences. For an expert opinion, get a recommendation from your water well drilling company.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required?

After the water well drilling is finished, your well will only require minimal maintenance. Usually this consists of periodic water testing and preventative pump maintenance.

If you need quality water well drilling services in the Elko area, contact Fertig Drilling Co. today. They also specialize in pump installation and water testing and analysis. Call (775) 753-7960 and visit them online for a closer look at all of their services.

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