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9 Ideas for Your Wedding Flower Arrangements November 29, 2016

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9 Ideas for Your Wedding Flower Arrangements , Salisbury, Pennsylvania

Twenty years ago, roses with baby’s breath were held in the trembling hands of nearly every bride to walk down an aisle to get married. However, predictable and pedestrian wedding flower arrangements are no more. Today’s best florists will incorporate traditional choices like roses, but they’re now adding unexpected garden plants like succulents or ferns, into their wedding bouquets.

Gap, PA florists, Florals in Time, are known for their gorgeous and unique arrangements. Given flower arrangements and bouquets can eat up roughly 8% of your wedding budget, have fun and choose something unique! Here are nine new ideas to try for wedding bouquets.

Flower Arrangments9 Ideas for Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

1. Personalize with Charms or Accessories

Antique brooches, pocket watches, family heirlooms, and good luck charms all make beautiful bouquet accessories while adding some personality to your arrangement. Incorporating a family memento is also a lovely way to honor someone not able to be present at the service that day.

2. Incorporate Intriguing Succulents

Succulents can add color, texture, and height. With a range of species from which to choose, there is something for every color, theme, and budget.

3. Add an Eye-Catching Ribbon

Ribbon, in a matching or contrasting tone, will add color and texture to your bouquet. This is a creative way to incorporate your theme color or to personalize your bridesmaid’s arrangements.

4. Try Feathers for Extra Flair

Long and richly-colored feathers add an element of height and luxury. Try peacock, pheasant, or ostrich, all of them with unique colors and varying sizes.

5. Consider Adding Fruits or Vegetables

It may sound unusual, but beautifully colored fruits and vegetables like artichoke, berries, dragonfruit or peppers can lend a rustic air to the event when it comes to designing alternative flower bouquets. Just make sure to go for something hearty that won’t wilt or spoil on the big day.

6. Use Cotton for Volume and Softness

Soft, fluffy, white clouds of cotton add a heavenly touch of whimsy to an arrangement. The stark white of cotton will also give neighboring flowers a crisp background in which to stand out.

7. Include Long Grasses and Seed Pods for Texture and Height

Japanese Silvergrass, Zebra Grass Purple Fountaingrass, and Eulalia can all add an elegant element of height to the architecture of your design. Whether dried or fresh, ornamental grasses have a distinguished place amongst the most sophisticated wedding bouquets.

8. Add Pinecones and Evergreens for a Seasonal Touch

For Thanksgiving, autumn, and Christmas weddings, pine cones, and evergreens are the perfect touches. The seasonal additions come in a range of sizes, allowing you to determine how prominently they will feature in your bouquet.

9. Opt for a Crown Instead

Bohemian, casual, and outdoor weddings may call for something different altogether! Floral head wreaths or crowns present a beautiful alternative to any bride wishing to minimize her accouterment. Lilies, Daisies, Roses, Baby’s Breath, Peonies- the possibilities are endless!

Now that you’re inspired check out Florals in Time online or give them a call at (717) 442-4946 to discuss the bouquet of your dreams.

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