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3 Types of Water Filters & How They Work November 28, 2016

Clifton Park, Saratoga
3 Types of Water Filters & How They Work, Clifton Park, New York

Shopping for a water filter for your kitchen faucet is complex enough, let alone choosing a system to provide clean water for an entire home or business. Depending on your local water quality and consumption, you might need a basic water filter to remove sediment or an advanced system designed to destroy any microorganisms that might be present. AquaScience, Clifton Park, NY's water purification expert, explains the differences between a few of the more popular filtration technologies.

3 Types Of Water Filters

1. Activated Carbon Water Filters

water-filterCarbon is an effective, low-maintenance filter that can remove almost all of the largest pieces of sediment and debris from your water. If your water is somewhat silty or sometimes has a grainy texture, a carbon filter can dramatically improve its color and taste.

2. Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

This popular water filter system is low maintenance and removes a wide array of contaminants, including bacteria, sand, and minerals. The process is quite complex, but essentially the water is purified by forcing it through a membrane, leaving behind almost everything but pure, soft water.

3. UV Water Filters

UV water filters remove bacteria and other microorganisms from your water without chemicals or additional heat. As it passes through the filtration system, water is subjected to intense UV light, which leaves behind no residue and requires little energy to use.

With years of experience and access to some of the best water filter systems on the market, AquaScience aims to meet all of your water needs. Learn more about their water filter products and services online, call (518) 725­-3488 to speak with a member of their team, or drop by their new showroom in Clifton Park today.

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