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4 FAQs About Tattoo Removal Using Cincinnati's Most Advanced Laser November 25, 2016

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4 FAQs About Tattoo Removal Using Cincinnati's Most Advanced Laser, Sycamore, Ohio

One morning you might wake up and regret something you did the night before. We’ve all been there, which is why you’ll find no judgment at Identity Hair Salons & Medical Spas if you need their tattoo removal services.

The full-service salon and medical spa now offers affordable tattoo removal done by a specialist using the Enlighten-Cutera Laser™. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, put your mind at ease by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions about the tattoo removal procedure.

4 FAQs About Tattoo Removal

How Does It Work?

A specially trained technician will use an advanced laser with the first and only dual wavelength and dual pulse duration to inject the skin with an intense light, which penetrates the tattoo to break up ink particles. This fades the tattoo, and your body’s immune system will remove the remainder of pigments over time.

Does It Damage My Skin?

Tattoo RemovalThe laser used is harmless, targeting only pigmented skin. The un-inked skin around the tattoo won’t be affected at all. There is a small risk of scarring and infection at the injection site, but the laser removal technician will discuss your medical history and any risks before the procedure.

Does It Hurt?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee you won’t feel some pain during a tattoo removal procedure. The larger the tattoo, the higher the possibility. Any pain you might feel is caused by the heat generated by the laser, but the Enlighten-Cutera Laser™ provides a more pain-free experience than traditional lasers. 

Does It Really Work?

The color of your tattoo and whether or not it was applied correctly can impact the effectiveness of its removal, but the Enlighten-Cutera Laser™ is the most advanced system on the market and has a faster and better result rate than other systems. 

Walk-in clients at Identity Hair Salons & Medical Spas are always welcome, but you can also make an appointment for tattoo removal by calling (513) 909-3332. You can also learn more about the most advanced laser tattoo removal service in Cincinnati online.

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