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Shipman Funeral Homes located in Wagoner, Oklahoma prides itself on generations of experience. Our services are available to families in North Texas, Western Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma. Our professional staff has a reputation for being trustworthy, and compassionate while meeting your funeral service needs.

3 Benefits of Viewing the Deceased Before Burial November 16, 2016

3 Benefits of Viewing the Deceased Before Burial, Wagoner, Oklahoma

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to decide on whether or not to host a viewing before burial or cremation. During the delicate and painful process of grieving and honoring a loved one, such a viewing is an important and even comforting rite of passage for many families. Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory, with locations in Muskogee and Wagoner, OK, has provided funeral services and cremations for generations. Their thoughtful staff and experienced funeral director help Oklahoma families decide if a viewing will help them heal their wounds and provide closure. 

The therapeutic benefits of viewing your loved one include:

  • cremation-grief-Wagoner-Muskogee-OKComfort: A viewing provides time to say goodbye to a loved one in a personal way. This gives a sense of comfort and allows family and friends to begin the transition to life without their loved one.
  • Closure: A viewing can help someone navigate the stages of grief by helping them accept that their loved one is gone. A formal viewing can help move someone move past denial and closer to healing. 
  • Support: Whether a family chooses cremation or burial, a public show of support can be of great help to family, friends, or even an entire community. While a funeral or memorial service may only be open to some, a viewing can include a larger group of mourners. 

The emotions surrounding a loved one’s passing are overwhelming. For compassionate guidance and care, trust Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory, which has served Eastern Oklahoma, Western Arkansas, and North Texas for generations.

To learn more about planning a viewing and funeral, visit Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory’s website. Call (918) 485-9525 to reach their Wagoner location, and call (918) 683-1700 for their Muskogee location.

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