4, Tennessee

Duct Cleaning 10% discount4, Bradley, Tennessee

Valid from November 9, 2016 to December 31, 2016
Duct Cleaning 10% discount, 4, Tennessee

Winter is coming!  

We’ll all be retreating indoors. Indoor air can be up to 400% more polluted than outside air. When was the last time you had your heating ducts cleaned?  Over the years, your ducts have been accumulating dirt, dust, and all the mites that feed on them.  

Give your family a healthy gift for the holidays and have your ducts cleaned.  It’s our slow season, so we are giving internet discounts on our professional duct cleaning.  Until the end of 2016, we’ll do the best duct cleaning in town for 10% off our posted list price. While we’re there, we’ll also carefully inspect your heating system for safety and mold. 

Use the code words: “Winter is coming discount” when you call us.  


This deal is no longer available.

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