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How to Eat Like a Pro at Your Favorite Oyster Bar November 18, 2016

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
How to Eat Like a Pro at Your Favorite Oyster Bar, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Eating at an oyster bar is an experience like none other. The seafood is renowned in the culinary world, and diners love trying new kinds at any opportunity. Papa Rocco’s will help you make the most of the experience with some tips on eating at an oyster bar. The local restaurant has provided oysters, pizza, and the best happy hour in Gulf Shores, AL, since the 1980s.

Here’s how to eat like a pro at the oyster bar:

  • Ask Where They’re From: While some restaurants provide tasting sheets, the best way to learn about the different flavors of oysters is by asking where they’re from. East Coast oysters, for example, have a briny taste with a crisp flavor, while West Coast oysters are heartier and feature fruity, nutty notes.
  • oyster barEat ‘Em Properly: There’s an art to eating at the oyster bar. Use the tiny fork to slightly dislodge the meat from the shell. Then, pick up the oyster and slurp the meat. Place the empty shell face down on your platter to indicate you’re finished. 
  • Forgo Condiments At First: Oyster bar pros never add condiments on the first tasting. This allows the oyster to retain its unadulterated flavor. Once you’re familiar with the taste, subtly enhance the flavor with condiments like lemon, horseradish, or cocktail sauce. 

Whether it’s your first time trying oysters or you eat them every week, the oyster bar at Papa Rocco’s is a lively, welcoming place to dine. Get in touch with the local restaurant in Gulf Shores by calling (251) 948-7262. You can also like them on Facebook.

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