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5 Reasons Your Landscape Design Should Include a Water Feature November 15, 2016

Hanover, Butler
5 Reasons Your Landscape Design Should Include a Water Feature, Hanover, Ohio

A beautiful landscape design with lush plants and foliage will turn your yard into a perennial oasis. Adding a water feature will take your outdoor space to even greater heights. Imfeld Nursery, the go-to landscape design company in Hamilton, OH, offers water features, retaining walls, and landscape maintenance that will keep your yard looking gorgeous.

5 Reasons To Add A Water Feature To Your Landscape Design

1. Create A Tranquil Atmosphere 

In nearly every culture, water symbolizes peace and tranquility. Installing a water feature in your yard will create a serene place that’s ideal for meditation, stretching, and relaxing with friends. 

2. Enlarge Your Yard 

As your water feature reflects the landscape design, your yard will appear larger. This is a boon for homeowners with small outdoor spaces, as well as an excellent way to highlight an overlooked nook on your property.

3. Attract Wildlife

Hamilton-OH-landscape-designFish such as goldfish and koi thrive in water features. Adding a pond, fountain, or trickling stream to your yard also will attract a variety of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

4. Personalize Your Property

Adding meaningful touches will make your house feel like a home, and a water feature is a great way to customize your property. Your landscape maintenance provider will offer many design options from the size and shape of the water feature to the aquatic plants and decorative objects it includes.

5. Easy Landscape Maintenance

Water features are simple to clean — just wipe down the fountains and give the stones a scrub. This maintenance doesn’t require a significant investment in time or money. 

Imfeld Nursery encourages homeowners in southwestern Ohio to include a water feature in their landscape design. To get a quote for water feature installation, call (513) 868-1828. You also can send them a message online, where you can view some of their gorgeous commercial and residential landscaping projects. 

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