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Think You Need an Emergency Dentist? Consider These 3 Questions November 21, 2016

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Think You Need an Emergency Dentist? Consider These 3 Questions, Elyria, Ohio

It’s not always clear whether you need an emergency dentist or can wait for a convenient time to address a dental problem. Your response to an oral health issue depends on its severity and your ability to access a quality dentist. In the Elyria, OH, area, Leidenheimer Dental Group has been providing outstanding dental care for more than 50 years, and their experts can handle any emergency dental situation.

If you think you need an emergency dentist, here are three questions to help you handle the situation:

  • Is The Problem Urgent? Tooth problems often arise over the weekend, but many can wait until Monday for treatment. If you have heavy bleeding, a jaw injury, extreme pain, or a loose or knocked-out permanent tooth, seek the services of an emergency dentist. Non-urgent issues include lost fillings, crowns, or bridges, as well as a broken or cracked tooth that does not cause severe pain.
  • Elyria-OH-emergency-dentistWhom Should I Contact? If possible, turn to your family dentist in an emergency, as they will know your background and have access to your dental records. If the problem is urgent and your dentist is unavailable, find the nearest emergency dentist. When you have extreme pain or bleeding, you also can go to an emergency room.
  • What Can I Do For A Non-Urgent Issue? If you have a non-urgent dental problem and can’t visit a dentist immediately, there are a few things you can do to relieve your pain. Add a teaspoon of salt to warm water and rinse your mouth with the liquid to relieve irritation and reduce swelling. You also can apply a cold compress or swish your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

When you need an emergency dentist in Lorain County, OH, call Leidenheimer Dental Group at (440) 324-3441. For more information about their skilled dental team and their services, including same-day crowns and veneers, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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