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Top Five Lingerie Styles That Drive Men Wild September 19, 2012

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Top Five Lingerie Styles That Drive Men Wild, Manhattan, New York

While lingerie has a seductive way of boosting a women’s confidence, it also has a magnetizing appeal for men. Lingerie can be one of the best ways to peak a man’s interest, as well as his wildest fantasies. While the Upper East Side lingerie store Lingerie on Lex has an extensive and elegant selection of bras, corsets and more, women may need a little assistance choosing the most eye-catching undergarments.

Take your lingerie to just the right level, by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the top five styles of sexy lingerie that will satisfy any man’s imagination. Don’t worry ladies, there isn’t too much that your man won’t adore.

  1. Break out the costumes! In an effort to make your man’s dreams come true, you may have to try on a little dress-up. While you may feel silly at first, role playing can be the ultimate turn-on for both you and your man. Tie up a white shirt and throw on a plaid skirt and tights for a little DIY fun!
  2. By themselves a bra, thong panties, garter belt and stockings are quite appealing, but together they can be mind-blowing. If you haven’t tried this lingerie combination, it is a must! Choose from the luxurious line at Lingerie on Lex for comfortable and sexy lingerie options. Men will absolutely love “just the right amount of skin” that you will be showing.
  3. If you aren’t teasing your man, you aren’t doing it right. Wearing a negligee is a great piece of sexy lingerie, offering plenty of coverage that makes it very forgiving. If you want to hide some imperfections of your body, the negligee is the perfect way, while still being able to excite your man with the fantasy of what awaits underneath.
  4. There aren’t many men who don’t find a corset or bustier to be very eye-pleasing. Giving every woman a great shape to her body, a corset gives a desirable hourglass shape and a little extra boost of cleavage. Be bold and take your lingerie outside of the bedroom on occasion by pairing your corset with a pair of jeans.
  5. Generally made of very sheer lace or mesh material, the teddy is a classic piece of lingerie. Although not super revealing, the backless appeal gives men something to fantasize about. Show your seductive side in colors like red, black, white and even leopard.

Give your man a night to remember with these top pieces of lingerie from the Upper East Side’s luxury lingerie store, Lingerie on Lex.

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