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The Top 2 Benefits of Quality After-School Program Care November 14, 2016

Plainville, Hartford County
The Top 2 Benefits of Quality After-School Program Care, Plainville, Connecticut

If you’re like most parents, you’re laser-focused on optimizing your little one’s early childhood education. Although teaching your child everything they need to know can seem like an overwhelming feat, after-school program care from Plainville Early Learning Center in Hartford County, Connecticut, can benefit your child in many valuable ways.

Here are just a couple of the powerful benefits of after-school program care:

Focus On Early Childhood Education

When children are small, their brains develop at a rapid rate—which is why tapping into their learning potential with early childhood education is vital. Kids who get a jump-start on learning are more likely to love learning later in life, provide for themselves economically, and even develop key social skills. Furthermore, government studies have shown that kids who enjoy early learning are less likely to commit violent crimes and more likely to balance responsibilities. After-school care programs with tutors who care about your child can help reinforce the concepts that your child learns in school, making them less likely to fall behind.

Before- & After-School Child Care

after school program careWorking parents everywhere understand how difficult it can be to manage the logistics of getting children to and from school. Fortunately, some early learning centers offer before- and after-school child care, making it easy to keep your child engaged and focused on their education. The Plainville Early Learning Center in Connecticut is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., giving parents the scheduling flexibility they need to get their own work done.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in after-school program care, contact the Plainville Early Learning Center today at (860) 747-3321, or visit their website. By offering your child the early learning skills they need to excel in school, they can enjoy a happy, productive life.


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