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Relieve Stress This Holiday Season With Advice From a Life Coach November 9, 2016

Pelican Bay, Naples
Relieve Stress This Holiday Season With Advice From a Life Coach , Naples, Florida

The holidays are supposed to be a time for good cheer and giving yourself a much-deserved break. Instead, people often find themselves trapped in a blur of holiday frenzy and exhaustion. What we really need is something to relieve stress and bring back the joy of spending time with family. Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio, a life coach based in Naples, Florida, can help you achieve this.

Below, she shares some tips on how to relieve stress and stay healthy this holiday season:

  • Choose Moments Over Shopping Lists: One of the most overwhelming activities of the holiday season is buying gifts for family and friends. Shopping is exhausting, so instead of devoting too much time to checking items off your list, why not spend it creating moments and experiences instead? Take your family out to a special dinner or see a show with some of your friends. As cliché as it might sound, memories last longer than material things.

  • relieve stressCut Expensive, High-Stress Traditions: Relieve stress by foregoing traditions that are expensive and ceremonies that no one enjoys anymore. Are the massive Christmas tree, pricey decorations, and all of those greeting cards really necessary? Choosing not to buy these things opens up your time and resources for something new that your family can bond over, such as a dessert feast or a crafting day.

  • Take A Break: Most of us can’t drop the holiday itinerary altogether, but it’s important to schedule a day where you can just relax and be at peace. Take a leisurely drive or watch a sunset. If you can’t go outdoors, tuck yourself in with a warm cup of cocoa and a good book or a magazine. These quiet activities will relieve stress and energize you for the mad rush ahead.

The holidays don’t have to feel like work if you reevaluate your priorities and focus on them. Let Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio help you find balance and personal development through anxiety relief, stress techniques, nutrition, sleep resolutions, and other wellness strategies. Based in Naples, FL, she broadcasts nationally and speaks all over the U.S. Call (239) 821-2266 or visit her website for more information on how to live a fuller, more meaningful life.

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