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Child Development: Why School & Family Collaboration Is so Essential November 15, 2016

Honolulu, Honolulu
Child Development: Why School & Family Collaboration Is so Essential, Honolulu, Hawaii

Effective communication and collaboration between parents and schools are vital to early child development. The parent-teacher partnership contributes to a child’s academic and social success for many reasons and is something the early childhood education experts at Pali Preschool in Honolulu constantly emphasize.

Work with your children’s teachers to foster a healthy learning environment at school and at home:

  • Positive Feelings About School: Create a positive parent-teacher relationship to help your children feel good about school and education in general. Your example shows your children that their teachers are worthy of trust and that both you and the educators are working together to provide them with the best education possible.
  • Child DevelopmentNecessary Communication: Promote a working relationship with your children’s teachers to ensure continual communication. Communication on both sides is necessary for child development. It lets you know how your children are doing in school and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback about classroom lessons and activities.
  • Serious Problem Prevention: Maintain open lines of communication between yourself and your children’s school to prevent serious academic or social problems from festering. Discuss how your children are faring rather than playing the “blame game” after an incident on the playground or a string of poor grades.

Start with teachers at your children’s preschool and continue with their elementary, middle, and high school instructors. It is well worth the effort! For more on early child development and the curriculum at Honolulu’s premier learning center, please contact Pali Preschool today. Call (808) 523-6495 or like the preschool on Facebook.

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