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3 Professional Heating Maintenance Tips for a Warm Winter November 9, 2016

Waynesboro, Waynesboro
3 Professional Heating Maintenance Tips for a Warm Winter, Waynesboro, Virginia

The weather’s getting colder, which means your at-home comfort hinges on an efficient, high-functioning heating system. There’s nothing worse than shivering inside your home, but completing regular heating maintenance throughout the year will keep you warm all winter long. Based in Waynesboro, VA, All-Temp Heating & Cooling's technicians say preventing oil leaks is a major part of proper heating maintenance, as cleaning up unaddressed ones can easily cost you thousands.

By following these tips to prevent leaks and spills before they occur, you can bask in the warmth of your heating system for years to come:

  • Inspect For Leaks: Carefully check the tank, fuel line, pipes, and valves to ensure no leaks are present. If you do spot a potential leak, call your local HVAC specialist to have it fixed as soon as possible. By scheduling annual checks even when you don’t suspect an issue, you can avoid leaks before they pose any risks.
  • heating maintenanceCall Your Oil Company: In addition to checking the heating system yourself, ask your oil company to inspect it. They’ll clean the entire furnace in addition to repairing or replacing any faulty or inefficient parts. The oil company can also install a new safety valve or protective sleeve to keep the system working properly and lower your utility bills.
  • Take Care Of These Parts: Although there’s no mandatory schedule for heating maintenance measures, make a note to check on your system whenever you can. Being proactive will ensure your system always runs smoothly, no matter what the season. To begin, mark the fill pipe’s location so you can always find it. If you find any deserted vent pipes, eliminate them immediately. Should you still experience issues, consider upgrading your system for a cozier living space.

While some systems might require more specific maintenance, these foolproof heating maintenance tips will keep your system up and running, help avoid costly leaks, and warm your family throughout the holiday season.

For the best heating and cooling services in the Waynesboro, VA, area, All-Temp Heating & Cooling remains your go-to HVAC team. Visit them online for more information on their reliable services and repairs, or call (540) 448-2470 to set up your appointment today.


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