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Is It Time to Replace Your Water Softener? November 10, 2016

Clifton Park, Saratoga
Is It Time to Replace Your Water Softener? , Clifton Park, New York

A functional water softener will keep your hair silky smooth, your tub grime-free, and your vegetables impeccably clean. By cleansing your water of minerals that make it feel abrasive, water softeners serve as essential devices for every modern home. 

Eventually, like any home appliance, your water softener needs to be replaced. This usually occurs around the 15-year mark but may happen sooner or later. If your drinking water has recently acquired a bad taste, it may be time for a replacement—this is a sign your softener is no longer filtering out the chemicals it should.

water softenerIf your glassware is suddenly covered in spots or streaks, your water softener may be to blame. You may also observe this buildup on your shower door or around the tub, due to the heightened level of mineral deposits coming out of your faucets. For those accustomed to soft water, your water might just feel different. When you used to shower, did the water produce a pleasant, light flow that allowed your soap to lather up? If this is no longer the case, it’s time to replace or repair your water softener.

If your water softener is fairly young—say, less than 10 years old—your system may simply need to be repaired. To find out whether replacing or repairing your softener is the most economical path, hire a qualified water softener repair service to assess your scenario.


To ensure your water remains pure, clear, and safe to drink, contact the experts at AquaScience in Clifton Park, NY. This team of expert technicians will inspect your system and provide the most cost-efficient solution to keep your water running smoothly, whether it’s a prompt repair or a new water filter or softener installation. To learn about their available services, call a helpful professional today at (518) 725­-3488, or visit the company’s website.


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