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3 Great Reasons to See Your Gynecologist November 10, 2016

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3 Great Reasons to See Your Gynecologist, St. Peters, Missouri

You wouldn’t wait until your teeth fell out to pay a visit to your dentist, so why wait until there’s a problem down below to see your gynecologist? Whether it’s to ensure you are STD free or to discuss family planning, a gynecology professional can help. Read on for three great reasons to see your women’s health expert at least once a year.

3 Ways A Gynecologist Will Help You

1. Provide A Cancer Screening

According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 12,990 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2016 alone. As with any cancer, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to successfully combatting this potentially life-threatening illness. Your gynecologist can perform a pap test to screen for cervical cancer. It’s recommended you get your first screening by age 21 and get checked every three years afterwards. This is a quick and painless exam that takes minutes to complete and can literally save your life, so don’t skip it!

2. Check For Other Illnesses

gynecologistYour gynecologist can also test you for a range of sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV, chlamydia, and genital warts. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, it’s a good idea to get an annual checkup to ensure everything is in order. Some STDs may not show symptoms until months have passed. Even if you don’t have symptoms, it’s important to know if you’re a carrier. 

3. Discuss Family Planning

Whether you’re happily single or are thinking of settling down and starting a family, a women’s health expert can help you with your plans. If you’re not interested in starting a family now, your gynecologist can advise you regarding the best birth control to suit your lifestyle. If you’re concerned about your ability to bear children, an OB-GYN specialist can provide fertility testing.

If you’re looking for comprehensive women’s health services in Missouri, trust Advanced OB-GYN Services. With locations in St. Peters and Bridgeton, these professionals offer convenient, compassionate, and competent care for women. To make an appointment, call (636) 928-1800 for the St. Peters location or (314) 291-2140 for the Bridgeton practice.

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