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3 Tips on What to Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatments November 1, 2016

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3 Tips on What to Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatments , Ripon, Wisconsin

If you’ve recently completed a series of teeth whitening treatments, watching what you eat and drink will play an instrumental role in keeping your smile bright and sparkling. For over three decades, Hillside Dental Associates has provided dependable and affordable dentistry services to clients throughout the Ripon, WI, area. When you want that gorgeous, white smile you thought only existed in magazines, rely on this premier dentist to bring you the most effective solutions.

So, you’ve had a series of teeth whitening treatments—how do you keep your teeth looking beautiful? Here are a few tips on what to eat and drink to maintain your freshly whitened smile:

  • Eat Crunchy Fruits & Vegetables: Firm and crunchy fruits and vegetables will help to keep your teeth white by acting as natural scrubbers. Eat plenty of apples, cauliflower, celery, and carrots to increase your saliva flow, which will protect your teeth by neutralizing the acids in your mouth.
  • teeth whiteningIncrease Your Dairy Intake: Foods and drinks that are calcium-rich will help to ward off decay and keep your teeth bright and white. Increase your daily dose of dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, if you’ve recently had a series of teeth whitening procedures.
  • Avoid Foods That Stain Teeth: After your teeth whitening treatments, you should stay away from foods that are known for staining teeth. Some of the most common culprits for tooth staining include soy sauce, sodas, red wine, and blueberries.

When you want a set of pearly whites that will maximize your self-confidence, allow the premier dentists at Hillside Dental Associates in Ripon to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Give them a call at (920) 748-6122 today to speak with a hospitable staff member about booking an appointment for teeth whitening, and check out their website for more information about the many services this dental office has to offer.

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