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Luxury Restroom Trailers Are the Perfect Solution for Outdoor Weddings November 1, 2016

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Luxury Restroom Trailers Are the Perfect Solution for Outdoor Weddings, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then you should consider reserving a luxury restroom trailer from Jack Pots Portables in Lake Havasu City, AZ. These portable restroom rentals come with fully functioning toilets and sinks, giving your guests a place to wash up during the festivities. Since this porta potty company delivers the trailer to your facilities and picks it up afterward, it’s an easy solution for venues that don’t have bathrooms on site.

Check out the features of the luxury restroom trailers from Jack Pots Portables:

  • luxury restroom trailersFlushing Toilets: You want your ceremony and reception to be perfect, but if you’re hosting the event outside, then you’re going to have to designate an area for restrooms. To keep your wedding formal and classy, Jack Pots Portables can supply your festivities with a luxury restroom trailer that comes with separate stalls and flushing toilets.
  • Running Water Sinks: Your guests and attendees are going to need a place to wash up after the ceremony and during the reception dinner. That’s why Jack Pots Portables offers porcelain sinks in their luxury restroom trailers, complete with running water.
  • Heating & Cooling: The portable restroom rentals from Jack Pots Portables offer so much more than a porta potty. These attractive trailers come with heating and cooling systems that can keep your guests cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • Stereo Systems: For an added touch, you can play whatever music you want inside of the luxury restroom trailer during your wedding. Whether your style is jazz, blues, country, or rock and roll, you can create a relaxing ambiance in your bathroom that adds some class to your special day.

Renting a luxury restroom trailer is a great way to make your outdoor wedding even classier than you imagined. To learn more about the units available from Jack Pots Portables, call (928) 680-0804, or visit them online today.

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