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Masonry Done Right: 3 Creative Ways to Add Stone Structures to Your Landscape November 7, 2016

Honolulu, Oahu
Masonry Done Right: 3 Creative Ways to Add Stone Structures to Your Landscape, Honolulu, Hawaii

Stone walls, sidewalks, and creative gardening elements protect your property while adding an inviting, innovative touch to any landscape. When you’re seeking a more luxurious look, the masonry experts at Rugged Slopes Hawaii are Honolulu’s top source for the area’s highest-quality stone work, concrete, retaining walls, and more. No matter how big or small the project, these masonry mavens will get the job done.

If you’re considering stone structures in your own landscape, Rugged Slopes Hawaii shares three creative ideas: 

  • masonryBuild An Enticing Entryway: Stone acts as the ideal material for a secure entryway, providing a charming, almost fairy tale-like space for entering your property. Guests will be taken aback by the beauty of an entryway that stands out from other boring, more traditional options. 
  • Lead The Way With Stone Sidewalks: Elaborate stone sidewalks create a gorgeous path that livens up any landscape. With an extensive array of design options, there are choices to suit any yard, along with the flowers, plants, and other aspects that make the area’s natural beauty stand out. Depending on the property, it can also make your yard more navigable, peaking interest in the points you choose. Want the deck or gazebo as the main focus? Then a stone sidewalk is the ideal addition.
  • See Your Garden In A New Light: Building stone walls to surround a garden, flower bed, or large tree will frame it wonderfully, making every notable feature stand out. If you’re a gardening fanatic like many landscape enthusiasts, then it’s a terrific way to draw attention to your favorite plants, as well as to keep pests away from your gorgeous garden.

Want to create a more elaborate landscape with stone structures? In need of concrete work or a retaining wall? Then call Honolulu’s premier masonry contractors and make your dream landscape a reality. Visit the Rugged Slopes Hawaii website for more information, or call (808) 722-4918 to receive your free estimate today.

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