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What to Expect During an Alcohol Treatment & Drug Addiction Program October 20, 2016

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What to Expect During an Alcohol Treatment & Drug Addiction Program, Elyria, Ohio

When you’re ready to make a major change in your life and end your dependence on drugs and alcohol, you need a team of experts to support and guide you every step of the way. Elyria’s Psych & Psych Services specializes in a wide range of therapy and counseling services that help area residents regain control over their lives.

Beginning the recovery process often feels daunting, but knowing what to expect from your alcohol treatment and drug abuse program can make the process feel more manageable. The chemical dependency therapists at Psych & Psych Services take the following steps to guide patients on their paths to recovery.

4 Steps to Expect During an Alcohol Treatment & Drug Abuse Program

Initial Consultation

Your therapist will discuss your overall health and history of drug and alcohol usage to better understand your treatment needs. At this time, you will also be paired with an individual therapist so you can begin outlining a treatment plan.

Detox As Needed

alcohol treatment and drug abuseIn some cases, a patient needs to go through detox before beginning an alcohol treatment and drug abuse program. If your therapist believes this is the most appropriate first step for you, you may be referred to an outside facility for inpatient care; your Psych & Psych Services therapist will coordinate with other health professionals during this process.

Education & Therapy

During this phase, patients undergo behavioral therapy and education to help them understand why they began abusing drugs and alcohol, identify high-risk situations, and avoid potential triggers in the future. This therapy may consist of individual sessions, group sessions, or a combination of both.


Completing an alcohol treatment and drug abuse program marks the first day of the rest of your life. In the long term, many people benefit from continuing individual or group therapy sessions to adjust to a life free from chemical dependency and help prevent relapses. Your therapist may also recommend therapeutic activities, such as meditation, exercise classes, or creative hobbies to strengthen your sense of well-being.

If alcohol or drug abuse is disrupting life for you or a loved one, help is available at Psych & Psych Services. Visit their website to learn more about their experienced team of mental health and chemical dependency therapists, and their treatment process. Call (440) 323-5121 to find out how you can get started. 

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