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5 Fun & Easy Canning Tips From Tomah’s Best Country Store October 25, 2016

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5 Fun & Easy Canning Tips From Tomah’s Best Country Store, Byron, Wisconsin

Preparing fruits and other delicious foods for jellies, jams, and relishes can be a fun hobby. If you’re new to the world of canning, Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, shares some expert tips to make your first foray into this process fun and easy. This country store is not only your source for scrumptiously baked goods, but they also specialize in homemade canned preserves.

If you’re ready to save the last of the summer fruits to enjoy tasty delicacies this fall and winter, here are a few helpful canning tips from your local country store:

  • Forego Peeling: While certain items such as peaches, beets, oranges, and other citruses produce a better outcome when their peels are removed, you can skip peeling almost everything else.
  • Inspect Jars Thoroughly: If you start with damaged jars, your canning experience will not go smoothly. Before starting, inspect them for any small chips around the jar’s mouth and cracks on the sides and bottom. If something looks broken, buy brand new canning jars and lids.
  • country storeUse A Slow Cooker: Save more time when preparing tomato sauces and fruit butters by pureeing the ingredients first and then putting them in a slow cooker. This eliminates having to constantly stir them on a stove.
  • Soak Dried Beans: By soaking dried beans overnight, it decreases the chances of indigestion. The soaking process softens the beans and makes the final product easier on the digestive system.
  • Buy Extra Supplies: Have additional gaskets, rubber rings, and a pressure valve on hand in case you need them. In addition, buy more canning jars and lids than you think you may need for those unexpected large batches.

Located in one of the nation’s largest producers of cranberries, Cranberry Country Market has become Tomah’s best grocery store for locally baked goods, fresh vegetables, and premium deli meats. Visit the website for more information on their food and specials or call (608) 374-4944. Come experience the country store difference today!

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