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Why You Need to Get Your Furnace & Heat Pump System Maintenance Before Winter October 20, 2016

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Why You Need to Get Your Furnace & Heat Pump System Maintenance Before Winter, Dalton, Georgia

Like a lot of homeowners, you may wait as long as possible before turning on your home’s heating; that’s fine, as long as you know your heat pump system and furnace are in working order. Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning in Georgia wants homeowners to know the importance of scheduling a tuneup for their furnace or heat pump system before the first cold days of the season. Doing so will guarantee you get quality customer service and a warm home all winter long.

If you don’t check on your furnace or heat pump system until you need them, you run the risk of a long and expensive wait for a warm house. Every year, on the first really cold day of winter, heating companies get slammed with calls when homeowners notice their furnaces or heat pump systems aren’t working.

heat pump systemWith the influx of calls, companies have a hard time getting to customers in a timely manner. You could wind up waiting several days for a technician even comes out to your home. Plus, depending on the company you choose, there may be some hefty emergency fees tacked onto the price. 

Fend off the cold and schedule an early furnace and heat pump system maintenance with Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning. Stop by their website to learn about all of their heating and cooling services, or give them a call at (706) 272-3968 if you want to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for more helpful tips and the latest updates. 

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