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3 Signs It’s Time to Fix or Replace Your Water Filtration System October 14, 2016

Canyon Lake, Comal
3 Signs It’s Time to Fix or Replace Your Water Filtration System, Canyon Lake, Texas

Having a water filtration system is a great way to ensure you and your family have access to clean drinking water. But do you know what signs you should be on the lookout for to keep that water filtration system safe and efficient?

Don’s Plumbing in Canyon Lake, TX, offers a quick refresher on the three most common signs if might be time to give your water filtration system a little TLC:

  • The Quality Of Water Is Lacking: The most obvious sign that you need to repair or replace your water filtration system is the water quality. If you notice a decline in taste or smell, or notice no difference between the water that’s filtrated and the water that’s not, it means there is a problem with your system.
  • Water FiltrationYour Water Is A Different Color: If the water coming out of your filtration system appears to be a different color than usual, call a plumber right away. It could be a sign of contamination that your water filtration system has stopped working against.
  • There’s A Change In Pressure: When your water isn’t coming out as fast or as aggressively as it used to, it’s likely there is something wrong with your water filtration system. It could be as simple a fix as unclogging whatever is blocking the system, but it could also be a sign of a bigger repair issue.

If any of the above scenarios sound like something all too familiar, call the professionals with over 30 years of experience at Don’s Plumbing to take a look at your water filtration system. They can be reached at (830) 964-4477 to set an appointment or for a consultation. You can also visit their website for a full list of all their services.

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