Somers, Montana

Find the Perfect Fence for Your Property Needs October 13, 2016

Somers, Flathead
Find the Perfect Fence for Your Property Needs, Somers, Montana

While it may seem like a no-brainer, your choice in property fencing relies on a number of factors regarding the needs of both your home and your family. Boundary Line Fence understands the stress of finding the perfect fence and wants to help match their customers with a quality barrier that meets all their preferences. Since 2006, they have installed a variety of fences to the satisfaction of numerous clients in Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Bigfork, Lakeside, and Somers, MT, as well as the greater Flathead Valley area.

Your choice in fences largely depends on your property’s current needs. Consider if the following factors apply to you, and read on to determine your best fencing options:

  • You Want To Secure Your Pool Area: Just because you’re not using your pool at night doesn’t mean intruding neighborhood kids aren’t. Prevent anyone you don’t know—as well as mischievous or curious children—from entering your pool area by building an appropriate fence. Look for fencing that is at least 48 inches tall with a maximum gap of 1 ¾ inches between slats, and check that there are no potential footholds or handholds for people to use to climb. Install a gate that is self-closing, self-latching, and childproof that opens outwardly from your pool. Boundary Line Fencing provides a wide selection of pool fences to fit your needs and style.
  • FenceYou Want to Keep Your Dogs In the Yard: Homeowners who wish to build a fence that safely prevents their pets from escaping their property should first determine if their dogs are more likely to jump or dig. A fence that is three to four feet tall should prevent adequate protection against small jumpers, but larger dogs may require a taller fence. Homeowners with dogs who love to dig should either bury their fence at least six inches deep into the ground or place hard landscaping around their fence line.
  • You Want Privacy: Whether you have nosy neighbors or you live on a busy street, appropriate fencing will achieve home privacy. If this is your goal, look for fencing that allows minimal spacing between boards. The smaller the gaps in your fence are, the better. Then, take into account the slopes of your neighbors’ yards and your own to determine a fence height that will keep prying eyes off of your family. The professionals at Boundary Line Fence offer an assortment of privacy fencing options constructed of materials such as vinyl and cedar to properly protect your property from the outside world.

To find the perfect fence for your property, decide on the role it plays in your yard. Boundary Line Fencing provides a variety of fencing to fit your every need, whatever your goals for your barrier might be. For more information, call (406) 309-5010 or visit their website today.

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