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What’s It Like to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant in NY? October 13, 2016

Wakefield, Bronx
What’s It Like to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant in NY?, Bronx, New York

A day as a nurse aide, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA), is always busy, but it can be extremely rewarding. After all, they’re responsible for making recovering patients feel comfortable and the transmitting vital patient information to doctors. Big Apple Training recognizes this and aims to provide up-to-date CNA and continuing education programs, including courses like phlebotomy classes, to residents of White Plains and the Bronx. With over 20 years of experience, they’re dedicated to training the next generation of skilled CNAs.

A nurse aide’s day varies with the patients’ needs. When they arrive at work, they receive an assignment regarding that day’s patients from either a colleague or a nurse’s report. Then, they’ll visit each patient and take their vitals, recording them on their chart. They’ll also help serve and clean up breakfast or dinner, depending on the shift, taking special care to monitor their patients’ food consumption and their fluid intake and output.

Certified Nursing AssistantCertified nursing assistants will also help distribute appropriate medications and implement any prescribed treatments. They’ll replace the bed linens, clean bedpans, and help patients with a variety of hygienic tasks, like using the bathroom or taking a shower. These nurse aides will also answer patients’ calls throughout their shift, bringing them food and drinks when requested and helping them when necessary. Overall, the CNA’s job is to help the hospital run more smoothly by keeping their medical supervisors informed about each patient’s health and habits as well as keeping patients comfortable and clean so they can focus on recovering.

Considering a career in the health care industry? Big Apple Training provides an assortment of classes and programs—including everything from BLS certification to phlebotomy classes—to educate future certified nursing assistants. For more information, call them at (914) 437-7373 for the White Plains campus or (718) 231-3600 for the Bronx location. You can also like them on Facebook or visit their website for a closer look into their certified nursing assistant programs.

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