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3 Things to Consider When You're Looking for Pet Boarding October 6, 2016

Springfield, Hamilton
3 Things to Consider When You're Looking for Pet Boarding, Springfield, Ohio

When they’re away from home, caring pet owners want to make sure that their pets are in the safest possible hands. As you look for the right pet boarding service, doing your due diligence will pay off with a wonderful stay for your pet. Based in Cincinnati, OH, TLC Pet Care Centers have established themselves as the region’s most renowned animal care specialists. The outstanding animal hospital offers an elite pet boarding service in addition to the medical services available at the vet hospital. 

animal hospitalWhile it can be difficult to part temporarily with a beloved pet, the second best thing to being with them is knowing that they’re in a safe and pleasurable place. Here are three key elements to consider during your search for the best pet boarding service. 

  • Comfort: The top pet boarding services go to substantial lengths to ensure your pet has a comfortable stay. It’s wise to look for a place that includes climate-controlled areas so there’s no chance of your dog getting too hot or cold. At the top institutions like TLC Pet Care Centers, your pet will even be treated to a warm bath and a nail trim!
  • Care: An even more important quality to consider than comfort is the ability of the pet boarding service to care for your pet. Since the team works at an animal hospital, they are extremely well-versed in animal care. 
  • Exercise: No one wants their pet cooped up in a tiny space all day. Try to find out if there are any opportunities for your pet to go outside. At TLC Pet Care Centers, there are outside runs available so your pet can get in some playtime and stretch their legs. 

When you choose TLC Pet Care Centers as a pet boarding service, it will always be a wonderful experience for your pet. To find out more about these devoted caregivers, dial (513) 683-2300 for the eastern location and (513) 825-4011 for the western location. You can also learn more about the program by visiting their website

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