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5 Signs Your Well Pump Needs to Be Replaced September 28, 2016

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5 Signs Your Well Pump Needs to Be Replaced, Elko, Nevada

Not sure if your well pump is still going strong or in desperate need of replacing? Fertig Drilling Co. in Elko, NV, offers expert advice on how to tell if you need a new well pump. They’ve been proudly serving the Greater Basin area for nearly half a century, and their residential water well contractors know how to tell if a well pump is working correctly. 

If you’ve recently purchased a property and want to assess the current state of your well pump, or if you suspect the well pump you've relied on for years needs to be replaced, follow this guide from Fertig Drilling Co. 

5 Signs Your Well Pump Needs To Be Replaced

Gradually Decreasing Water Pressure

well pumpLow water pressure can be caused by many different issues, but if you’ve noticed a gradual decline in your water pressure, it may be an issue with your well pump. In some cases, simple pump repair can fix the issue; however, a professional will be able to determine the best solution.

Air Bursting From Faucets

Testing the faucets in your home will help you determine the state of your well pumps. When air, along with water, sputters out of your faucets, it’s an indication there is a problem with your well pump.

Dirty Water 

If the water in your home isn’t flowing clear, looks dirty, or suddenly tastes abnormal, don’t ignore it. According to the residential water well contractors at Fertig Drilling Co., dirty water is a certain sign that your well pump isn’t functioning properly. 

Loud Noises

Loud noises emanating from the piping in your home or from the well pump itself can be an indication of a variety of plumbing issues, including well pump failure. It’s always easier to fix a minor problem than a major one, so don’t ignore unusual sounds.

Rising Water Bills

Residential water well contractors know from experience that sudden spikes in water bills are a clear indication that you have a leak and may need a new well pump. If you’ve seen a sudden and inexplicable increase in your water bill, call a professional for a full replacement. 

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms in your home’s water supply, you may need well pump repair or replacement services. Call Fertig Drilling Co. at (775) 753-7960 to schedule service or visit them online to learn more about what they do.

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