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Quick & Simple Thai Cuisine You Can Make at Home September 22, 2016

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
Quick & Simple Thai Cuisine You Can Make at Home, Kahului, Hawaii

Bring the flavors of Thailand into your kitchen with simple ideas from the team at Thailand Cuisine. Renowned throughout Hawaii for their authentic Thai cuisine, this beloved restaurant has built a reputation on combining fresh ingredients in homemade recipes for delectable dishes bound to delight any palate. With a menu encompassing vegetarian options, familiar Thai food favorites, and authentic taste adventures, Thailand Cuisine truly has something for everyone at their convenient Kahului and Kihei locations. Now, they’re helping you bring the joys of Thai cooking into your kitchen with easy DIY meal ideas that will make your home feel like an authentic Thai restaurant.

thai foodSom Tum (Green Papaya Salad)

This fresh-tasting favorite is surprisingly simple to make. Toss the five-ingredient dressing in this zesty recipe with papaya, green beans, tomatoes, and cilantro for an easy summer meal or impressive appetizer.

Spring Rolls

Looking to impress guests at your next event? Call on this light and lovely Thai restaurant standard. Spring rolls look complicated, but once you master the technique, they are actually quite simple. 

Tom Kha Gai (Coconut Soup)

Exotic flavors meet homey comfort in a bowl of sweet and spicy Tom Kha Gai. While you may need to visit a specialty market for the fish sauce and lemongrass, it’s well worth the trip to feel this Thai cuisine concoction warm you inside and out. For a substantial variation that’s a meal in itself, give this recipe a go.

thai foodDrunken Noodles

While no one knows the exact origin of their name, it’s easy to imagine that Drunken Noodles are named for the intoxicating effect of their mouthwatering flavors. Others theorize that they’re actually named for the fact that they’re so easy to make, you could throw them together while drunk. Either way, this quick recipe makes for an amazing dinner sure to satisfy any Thai food craving.

No matter how simple the recipe, sometimes you’d rather leave the cooking to someone else’s kitchen. Thailand Cuisine is there for those days, serving up authentic Thai food that will leave you full and happy. Visit their website to peruse their mouthwatering menu, or call (808) 873-0225 (Kahului) or (808) 875-0839 (Kihei) to speak to a member of their friendly team today.

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