Spencerport, New York
2800 Spencerport Rd
Spencerport, NY 14559
(585) 349-0000
The Victors Gym has been the premier private gymnastics facility in Spencerport, NY. As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, they offer safe, supportive, and fun classes for boys and girls ages 2 years and up.

Not Sure About Gymnastics? Try Out This First! September 12, 2016

Spencerport, Monroe
Not Sure About Gymnastics? Try Out This First!, Spencerport, New York

Whether it is a young child or a curious tweenager, Gymnastics can seem intimidating. We have a special event to get students excited about gymnastics in new and fun ways. Here are  events for your boy or girl.

Open Gym

Every Friday at 6:30 we open the gym for all ages to play for an hour and a half. Kids can bounce, jump, climb, roll and flip in our huge gym. A great place for kids to play. Admission is $8 for members and $10 for non-members.

Kids will enjoy the very deep foam pit, the giant trampolines or the bars and beams.

Come visit us Friday at 6:30 and sign up for Open Gym! We welcome you.

Questions? 585-663-4810


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