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4 Pest Control Management Strategies That Work September 14, 2016

Briarcreek - Woodland, Charlotte
4 Pest Control Management Strategies That Work, Charlotte, North Carolina

Every year, Americans spend more than $5 billion on treatment and repairing the damage termites have caused. To avoid spending your savings on extensive and costly damage, defend your home by understanding the best pest control management strategies. At Killingsworth Environmental Home Services, the premier pest control company in Charlotte, North Carolina, the exterminators have more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners with Pest control, bed bug treatment, and wildlife removal. The exterminators at Killingsworth Environmental Home Services are not only trained in pest identification and problem-solving strategies, but they are also committed to keeping your family comfortable and safe.

Known as one of the leading pest control management companies in the area, Killingsworth Environmental Home Services has developed many different ways to handle pest and termite control. Here are four pest control management strategies that work.

  1. Schedule Annual Services: The best pest control management strategy — hands down — is to schedule a year pest control service call with the professionals. During the service, the experts at Killingsworth Environmental Home Services apply a barrier to the entire home, the garage, and the crawl space, which provides reliable pest control. Killingsworth Environmental Home Services also follows up with retreatments throughout the year at no additional charge.

  2. imageAddress Structural Issues: Another effective way to prevent termite infestations is to make the structure less attractive to termites. You can accomplish this by covering exposed wood surfaces with a sealant and filling in cracks in cement foundations with cement or grout. Be sure to fix leaks immediately and maintain gutters and downspouts. Never pile or store firewood next to the house, and make sure that trees and shrubs don’t grow too close to the house.

  3. Employ Non-chemical Treatments: There are several methods of termite control that don’t involve the application of an insecticide. In addition to building a physical barrier during the construction of your home, you can also use steel mesh and sand as a physical barrier. Biological control agents, such as nematodes and fungi, have also been successful in treating termites.

  4. Apply Chemical Treatments: Approved treatments for termites include liquid soil-applied termiticides, termite baits, building materials impregnated with termiticides, and wood treatments. The most common treatment used by the experts at Killingsworth Environmental Home Services is soil-applied barrier treatment.

For the best pest control, schedule Killingsworth Environmental Home Services’ "All Year Round" Pest Control Service Warranties with re-treatments as needed. Although there are do-it-yourself methods to pest control, a pest control professional at Killingsworth Environmental Home Services has the knowledge, technology, and chemicals necessary to combat a termite or pest infestation quickly and effectively.

For more information about the best pest control company in Charlotte, North Carolina, visit the Killingsworth Environmental Home Services website or call (704) 563-8787.

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