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A DUI Lawyer Explains 4 Things to Know After a DUI Charge September 20, 2016

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A DUI Lawyer Explains 4 Things to Know After a DUI Charge, Warner Robins, Georgia

As with most states, Georgia takes DUI charges very seriously. Even drivers pulled over for their first DUI offense face fairly stiff penalties that can include a hefty fine and, perhaps most importantly, an automatic driver’s license suspension. For anyone facing a DUI charge, it can be smart to hire a lawyer quickly due to time limits on some appeals.

Below, the attorneys from The Walker Firm, experienced DUI lawyers in Warner Robins explain a few crucial things to know in the first 10 days after being charged with a DUI.

Criminal DUI Charge

Driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense; a person charged with a DUI must subsequently deal with criminal court proceedings and all that those entail. But, as with many criminal court cases, DUI charges can take some time to work their way through the system. A skilled DUI lawyer can often take certain actions to fight the charge.

Administrative License Suspension

DUI LawyerBecause driving is considered a privilege regulated by the Georgia Department of Driver Services, a DUI defendant’s license can be suspended well before the court process reaches a conclusion through a parallel suspension process. Just as with the criminal penalties for a DUI, the administrative license suspension escalates based on previous offenses. Even though this doesn’t always take place through the courts, the services of a DUI lawyer can be just as crucial in dealing with administrative penalties.

Administrative Deadlines

With a DUI arrest, the police will issue a DDS1205 form; this includes a notice of license suspension effective 30 days after the arrest. The driver, however, has only 10 days to request an administrative hearing or review of the suspension. Failure to request a hearing within this time limit constitutes a waiver of the driver’s right to review the administrative suspension.

DUI Lawyers & The 10-Day Time Limit In Georgia

From both a criminal and administrative standpoint, Georgia drivers have the best chance of fighting a DUI charge if they hire an attorney immediately after the DUI stop. An experienced DUI lawyer can guide his or her client through both the criminal and administrative processes. In Warner Robins, look to the DUI lawyers at The Walker Firm for a thorough and dedicated defense. Visit their website to find out more or call (478) 923-4152 today to schedule an appointment.

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