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3 Situations When You Should Call Your Plumber September 26, 2016

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3 Situations When You Should Call Your Plumber, Canyon Lake, Texas

Homes have issues all the time; some are easily solvable by residents, and some require the skills of a professional plumber. Being able to diagnose which is which can mean the difference between solving the problem and giving it more time to cause damage. Based in Canyon Lake, TX, Don's Plumbing has become known as the region’s top residential plumber.

Whether you need a toilet repair or a drain cleaning, the professionals will restore your home to working order in no time. Here are three common situations when it would be wise to call Don's Plumbing:

  • Dripping Faucet: If you are turning your faucet handle all the way off and water is still emerging from the tap, it’s likely there’s an internal problem. Wait to see if the problem doesn’t abate in a day or so and then if it hasn’t, it’s time to call the plumbers. While those drops may not seem like much, a constant supply adds up to a huge amount of lost water over time. 
  • PlumberSlow Drain: When you notice that your drain is having some trouble, first take some time to check it for impediments, like hair, that might be blocking the holes. If there is no visible jam, and your drains continue to operate very slowly, you should call in the experts before the damage worsens. 
  • Clogged Toilet: If a plunger isn’t getting the job done, you’ll need a professional crew to investigate your pipes and septic system. Neglecting the problem will only increase the likelihood of an expensive repair. 

The next time you face any of these issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Don's Plumbing. Call (830) 964-4477 to enlist the services of Canyon Lake’s top plumber. You can read more about the company by visiting their website or liking them on Facebook

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